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Event Cart Rental



Having a party…social, fundraiser, soiree, shindig, fiesta or anything else and would like to have an authentic pushcart at your event filled with paletas (pops)?  Give us a call today and book your party cart!  Limited carts available so be sure to call and book in advance to avoid disappointment. Customers can book a cart over the phone or in person. At the time of booking, we will collect payment and take customers’ choice of flavors to be added to the cart and make notations of pick up date and time as well as return.

Event package includes:

1 pushcart

10 dozens of your chosen favorite flavors.

2 Bags of dry ice

Total $135

The cart must be picked up by the customer and returned within 24 hrs. On pick up, we will make a copy of the customer ID or DL of the person picking up the cart. This copy will be given to the customer after the La Brisa property (pushcart) is returned following the event.

**Note adults must supervise and pass out the pops at all events as dry ice should not be handled by children.


***Due to COVID and to protect our customers’ safety we are currently not renting out the pushcart until further notice. Customers can still get the party package minus the cost of the cart for $100.00. This includes (10 dozens 120 pops and 2 bags of dry ice)  Pops can be stored in any ice chest with the dry ice.