Smoothie Bar

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Event Cart Rental



Having a party, social, fundraiser, soiree, shindig, fiesta or anything else and would like to have an authentic pushcart at your event filled with paletas (pops)?  Give us a call today and book your party cart!  Limited carts available so be sure to call and book in advance to avoid disappointment. Customers can book a cart over the phone or in person only. At the time of booking, we will collect payment and take customers’ choice of flavors to be added to the cart and make notations of pick up date and time as well as return.

May – Sept – 15 Dozen Minimum

$135.00   15 Dozens of your chosen favorite flavors.  (180) Delicious pops

$18.00     3 Bags of dry ice

$27.00     1 Pushcart

Total $180.00


Jan – April 10 Dozen Minimum

$90.00   10 Dozens of your chosen favorite flavors  (120) Delicious pops

$18.00     3 Bags of dry ice

$27.00     1 Pushcart

Total $135.00

*If you would like to purchase additional popsicles or dry ice with your package add $9 for each additional dozen and $6 per additional bar of dry ice you require.

The cart must be picked up by the customer and returned within 24 hrs. On pick up, we will make a copy of the customer ID or DL of the person picking up the cart. This copy will be given to the customer after the La Brisa property (pushcart) is returned following the event. There must be two people present at the time of pick up to lift the cart onto your own transportation as we don’t have the staff on-site to load the cart to your vehicle. 

***Bookings are made in person or over the phone. Please call 713-926-3450 to make your reservation with a minimum of two weeks to ensure avalabilty for your date. 

Dry Ice Warning

There are a number of important precautions to take when handling dry ice:

*Dry ice is much colder than regular ice, and can burn the skin similar to frostbite.

*You should not touch it directly with yoru bare hands, wear insulated gloves when handling it.

*Keep dry ice out of the reach of children.

*Never eat or swallow dry ice.

*Avoid inhaling carbon dioxide gas.


**Note adults must supervise and pass out the pops at all events. By purchasing dry ice from us you accept to follow safety rules and are responsible for its use.